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Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing

Help Video Link helps you in Marketing your Rural/Agro Products, Services directly without middleman have all rural/agro categories of products and services for your rural marketing

How to Use

There are three main Tabs Sales,Buy,Jobs

Under Each tab you can post your free Ad,which will be displayed under that tab in relevant Category

There is no need to register first for posting Ad

How to Post Free Ads

Under Sell tab you can post your free sales Ad by clicking on "Post Free Sales Ad Button" , then you will be shown category for sale , after clicking on the relevant category , you will post your Ad with heading, details etc. At the end you will have to click on New User register (If you are posting Ad for the first time) or old user login (If you have already posted Ads)

Always Remember your username (your mobile no.)and password

Similarly Under Buy tab you can post your free Buy Ad

Under Jobs tab you can post your free Job Ad or if you are candidate you can post your Biodata

Once you post your Ad you will get sms having link of Buyers/Sellers/Jobs depending on type of Ad you posted thats is Sell/Buy/Job

You can Post multiple free Ads for your Sales, Buy, Job Requirements with the same username (your Mobile No.) & password and also attach photos to them

How to Contact Sellers/Buyers/Job Providers

To Contact Buyers , Click on Relevant Categories Under Buy Tab

To Contact Sellers , Click on Relevant Categories Under Sell Tab

To Contact Job Providers, Click on Relevant Categories Under Jobs Tab

To Contact Candidates, Click on Relevant Categories Under Jobs Tab

Under each tab there is Category wise Search where you can contact Sellers/Buyers/Job Providers Directly , by clicking on Contact Button and then Call Number you will get contact number to deal further.

There is Advance Search option under each category to refine your search

Also if person responds to your Ad you get sms, email notification giving contact details of that person to proceed further

How to Edit Ad,How to Respond to your Ad

You can Edit/Update your Ads by clicking on Menu My Ads.

You can view and contact responses to your Ads by clicking on Menu My Ad Responses.

Happy Direct Rural Marketing without Middleman market ka desi tadka.

Email for contact :

Mobile no.for contact : 9822719618