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Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing

#Mera Mobile Mera Marketing

It is Disruptive bottom up approach for Free Agro and Rural Marketing in India

Digitally Enabling farmers, agro entrepreneurs, self help groups, farmer producer organizations , artisans to do free online marketing of their products/services using their mobiles is main moto of this program

The four key components of #Mera Mobile Mera Marketing program are

1) Agile,indigenous,responsive Web portal highlighting all rural/agro categories for free digital marketing of rural Products/Agro Products, Agro Inputs,Agro Services and Agro Jobs

2) Creation of back end linkages Hands on sessions of rural stakeholders wiz farmers, self help groups , farmer producer organizations, agro entrepreneurs etc on using this platform effectively for posting their own ads as well as searching & contacting buyers in search buyers section. These Capacity Building programs are done for them using their own mobiles .Various field level programs are taken for creating these back end linkages with support from various Govt,Non Govt players working in Rural Development Sector. We are also coming up with ELearning course on How to Use for your zero budget digital marketing with support from MKCL.

3) Creation of front end linkages We struggle to find B2B linkages for agro products. For that We use various online/ offline strategies which includes Data Mining and AI techniques . Leveraging Social Media channels. Networking through Agro Supply Chain events

4) Generation of Data Analytics We use Open Source Business Intelligence tools for Analysis of Data generated .These Data Analytics is then back streamed in database of portal Also it is used for empowering other rural development initiatives.

Apart from increasing digital footprint of Rural India more than 60 % direct market leads are generated by this free but effective humble effort. For getting real benefits of Digital Revolution for the Agro/Rural Community please connect with us -.

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Mobile no.for contact : 9822719618