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Title Sale Himalayan Chamomile Flowers Available
Details Fresh from the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, our high-aromatic, dried chamomile flowers are unmatched in quality and medicinal value. Grown organically, free from harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, these flowers are perfect for tea, wellness, and relaxation. Why Choose Us? Superior Quality: Rich, potent blooms from the Himalayas. Pure & Organic: No pesticides or chemicals. High Medicinal Value: Ideal for relaxation and digestion. Aromatic Excellence: Uniquely fragrant, perfect for teas and more. Experience the best of nature with our Himalayan chamomile flowers!
Price 800

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Name Dr Soban Prakash
Address Pauri Garhwal-Duggada, Kotdwar-246127 Uttarakhand

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