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Title Tan90 | Portable Cold Storage Box and Bag
Details We provide rigid portable cold storage units of capacity 40 liters. Each of these boxes is powered by thermal panels that get frozen thrice as fast as compared to other gel pads available in the market. Each of the boxes has dedicated slots, strategically placed in the box, that takes care of the fact that natural convection takes place without any cold shock or thawing. Being modular, these boxes can be stacked at the back of two-wheelers, loaded part-truck in normal trucks. The lifetime of the box is above 6 years. The unit cost of the box along with the panels is INR 5499. Specifications Dimensions of the box (L x B x H): 23" x 16" x 12.5" Make: Supported by nano-fibers to increase strength and rigidity Insulation Thickness: 20mm Number of panels: 3 The capacity of each panel: 1 liter Drop Test: 15 feet for both boxes and panels Stacking capacity: G+6 Inclination/ Slip Angle for stacking: 40 degrees
Price 5499

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Unit Per Piece
Name Kush
Address Delhi-Noida

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