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Title Sale Contract Farming of Medicinal Plants
Details We doing contract farming all over Maharashtra with farmers of all medicinal plants with giving buy back guarantee on leagel agreement. Plz feel free to call/whatsapp on 9623041254
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Name Ganesh Chaudhari
Address -Ahmednagar
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Pratik GhuteCall 
nirbhay bhatnagarlooking for contract farming in MP 
मधुसूदन दुबेक्या आप बिहार में आ सकते हैं हम भी ओसधिए अस्वगंधा स्तावर अकरकरा मेंथा खस का फार्मिंग करते हैं 
Nikhil Call 
Nikhil Call 
Nikhil Call 
Nikhil T 
Nikhil T